The Maple Haunt is a home haunt entirely thought of, designed, built, assembled, painted, wired, funded, and- well you get the point- by high schoolers. From trigonometry to writing backstories, creating this haunt takes a lot more than you would expect. This year we have a number of crazy improvements we’re making to make our last year absolutely amazing. The goal of doing this haunt is for the community to have a good time on Halloween night, for us to show our skills, and to gain experience with everything from designing, to painting, to acting. We want to give people an amazing experience and maybe scare them once or twice. We hope you consider donating to help make our nightmares a reality. Our Venmo account username @themaplehaunt. If you would like to donate, but don’t have Venmo, please send us an email at If you want to learn more about how the whole thing came to be, you can read our story below.

The Maple Haunt was co-created in 2020 by two high school students- Alex Hooper & Carson Karkow. At the time, Alex was 15, and Carson was 14. The haunt didn’t have a name, and no one really understood what it would be but immediately following the 2021 season would become known as “The Maple Haunt” in reference to the two maple trees in the front yard of where the haunt takes place annually. 
The 2020 season consisted of a variety of store bought props that had been obtained over the course of several years. Additionally, a small scene where demons had appeared out of radioactive waste was present exclusively on Halloween. 
The 2021 season marked a major expansion for the haunt. Alex obtained a job in June 2021 and was able to expand the budget from a mere $100 to ~ $1000. With the new level of funding, the haunt was able to buy new materials and create the first building- the shed. Although certainly achieving its aesthetic purposes, being that it was constructed entirely out of PVC pipe and foam board painted to look like wood, it was definitely a safety risk and luckily the shed pulled through until the end of the season. Other key builds for the 2021 season included a 10ft scarecrow made of cornstalks, components from a basketball hoop, and a giant pumpkin head, two entrance columns- also constructed out of foam, and 4 light posts made of PVC pipe and plastic bowls.
During the 2021-2022 offseason, Alex was able to utilize his earnings from work in order to purchase the tools needed to move the haunt from hand saws and screwdrivers to powered saws and drills. In other words, the haunt would move to wooden construction, the industry standard. After the 2021 season, so much foam board was being stored that the theme had to somehow use most- if not all of the foam board, but also convert the building to a wooden structure, add additional buildings, and bring a theme together. The idea? A cemetery theme. Cut and repaint the foam board to gravestones, then carve in letters. And who better of a subject for the tombstones than the friends of the creators. Each person received their gravestone after the season and the haunt had less foam in its possession- success. Key builds for the 2022 season included the crypt (replacing the shed), two monuments, and 16 gravestones.
Once again, when the off-season rolled around, new power tools were acquired including a table saw, air compressor, air tools, an additional tool cabinet, amongst many other smaller items.
And now, we’re getting ready to launch into our biggest year yet and also, our final year before our indefinite hiatus from home haunting. But if we told you what we’ve got in store, that would ruin all the fun…so you’ll just have to wait and see. 

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